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Can I tell ya’ll something, this is my year! For the first time in my life, I can actually say and believe I am in alignment with my future self and what God has for me. As I begun this year, I decided to do change my mindset and shift my paradigm to one of vision, will, manifestation, transparency and belief. Then I thought…I can’t do all that without changing my style!

The pandemic hurt us all and it was the second time I lost myself. I didn’t take care of myself like I vowed to do after my breakup and here I was falling into that spiral again. I knew taking care of myself First through self- care, fashion and ME time was how I overcame that lost then and I know I need to it again now!!

I’m yearning for more sparkle, color, more edge, personality and frankly more ME! As I embark on this style transformation, I want to take you on this journey where you will see how I go through the same process I take my clients through. This is where the teacher becomes the client lol so join me on IG Stories and my newsletter (sign up for my FREE Checklist) as I journal this chile.

Below I lay out my initial strategy on how I’m going change my personal style. I want to invite you to do the same if you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated and tired of the same clothes. Ready? Let’s do it…Number 1…

1. Complete this Style Questionnaire!

Yes, we’re starting Big because this is where the Transformation begins. This is the creme de la creme in changing your style and that’s to open your mind by asking yourself what’s working, what’s not and simply what do you want! If you want to join me and take that extra step, complete this questionnaire here.

2. Create a Visual Board!

This should be self – explanatory, so I’ll just talk to the folks in the back. Creating vision boards are great for the mindset because they allow you to dream, set goals to achieve your dreams and most importantly BELIEVE. Vision boards can be done in 3 ways: visual, writing or a combo of both. I personally like combining both (see below my 2020 board), the pictures allow me to dream, while writing allows me to manifest. If you enjoy writing or would like to include writing to your traditional board, use this pdf here.

3. Wash All your Clothes!!

Before changing up your style, make sure you’re playing with a full deck of cards. Alot of us including me look in the closet and either say “I don’t have anything to wear!”, or “Where’s my clothes?” Simply wash everything to get started to see what’s good enough to keep and what can be sent to a nice lady in Idaho :).

4. Wardrobe Purge!!

Next after washing everything, we need to assess which items reflect what’s on our boards, what’s in our future, what will make us happy and authentic! Simply hang up or lay out everything and ask 3 questions: have I worn this in the last 2 years? Does it fit my body? Does it reflect the vision for my future self? Remember if IT DONT FIT YOU MUST ACQUIT! Meaning Get it out of your closet immediately!

5. Try it!!!

Whether online or in store, really try on and buy a complete wardrobe (top & bottom or dress & blazer) that reflects looks from your vision and style boards. Just try it what’s the worst that can happen, you hate it, or it doesn’t fit, ok return and try again. Your peoples don’t like it…ok that sounds like their personal problem!

If no one has told you that you ARE deserving of nice things or to care for your appearance, then let me give you permission to do so…especially moms YOU DESERVE.

Once you have the items, try it on, look at yourself in a full-length mirror and rate how you look and describe how you feel.

Next blog we’re going dig into the fun stuff and that’s choosing our style personality!! But let’s take the first step here!

Until next time,