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As a busy mom of a toddler who has more on her calendar than I do, plus my full-time job and business…life is crazy so I need systems in place that will make my life easier! 

Just like everything in your life, we all have systems in place with raising kids, balancing work/life, paying bills and planning life goals so the same thing should be done with getting dressed everyday. Put a system in place!! 
Let me say there is no such thing as a style gene, where some people have it and some don’t. 

Style is a formula, art+science+practice. 

The art portion is expressing your personality through style with color and structure. Science is using the applied knowledge to dress according to your body type. Practice is just taking what you learn, what works for you and applying it every day. 

Below are 5 useful tips you can incorporate into a system that I hope willhelp you look together.

1. Properly groom your hair and nails, enhance with makeup 

This is an obvious tip but as moms and women we overlook the most obvious choice of looking put together starts with the Face. Makeup is a wonderful feature every woman can use to enhance their features.  

Let me breakdown the benefits:
Foundation- with an even skin tone it says you are healthy with smooth skin
Mascara & eye liner- beautifies and opens the eyes
Highlighter- brightens the skin to appear glowy
Bold lip- such as red is alluring and sexy 

When it comes to enhancing your beautiful face nothing is easier than a 3-5 minute routine with 3 items: gloss, concealer and mascara! A highlighter/gloss duo is also a great win! I encourage each woman and mother especially to practice implementing these grooming tips into your daily routine. Also ask for help from a friend or a makeup counter (I love Sephora) if you don’t know where to start, but start somewhere.

For your hair and nails, I don’t think they need to be professionally done (you deserve to have this done to save time and relax) but having them groomed meaning nails are filed, healthy looking, if you’re not into colors then a basic clear color to bring shine to your hands will be great as well. To look together with your hair make sure it reflects your personality, whether its natural or processed, the most important tip is keep it frizz free and intact…or big and free!

 I can stay that styling hair is not my specialty, so I’m more consistent with getting my manicures and I’m ok with makeup application, so I stay in my lane, true and honest in my abilities. 

What I can’t maintain, I outsource with protective styles (braids or wigs) for my natural hair and a manicurist because I love when my nails are popping. It does take time and we’re not always going get it right due to lack of time or resources but we are capable of doing the best with what we are have, it just takes will, effort and practice. If you can’t, phone a friend for help or to raid through her medicine cabinet.

2. Wear One Color 

If you’re not into makeup, this tip is so easy to accomplish. Whether it’s with professional or casual attire, you can look put together and seamless if you wear one color from head toe.  

Look at the model in the picture, see how she looks so effortlessly cute and put together in this monotone leisure sweat suit? She looks like so much thought was put into this outfit but let me tell you other than ensuring it’s wrinkle free and she wanted to look comfortable and cute, nothing hard was done here. However, the intention to look modern and put together was successfully achieved by the one-color system. 

All black is another easy and favorite go to look for a professional, chic, modern, rock or slimming look…there are so many vibes that an all-black look can achieve so have fun with it especially with accessories!  

To accomplish the monotone look I suggest the best colors in the fall and winter to do that and those are gray, black, green, white, ivory, emerald green, red, burgundy and camel. So, on your next shopping trip look to buy tops, bottoms or jogging suits of the same color. 

But if you already have these colors in tops and bottoms then make an easy outfit and know with confidence that you will look great with wearing red or green from head to toe…it’s never too much in my opinion!

3. Add a Layer 

Another easy system to incorporate in looking together is to add a layer to a basic color palette such as black such like what you see pictured. My favorite and easy go to looks these days are to wear the same color from top to bottom but don’t leave it there, make it complete by rocking a different bold color with a long jacket, blazer, over-sized cardigan, denim or leather jacket. 

It’s just easy to put together this look for a day of errands with flats, but with a quick change of shoes you can then wear it to an event or cute date. 

Don’t stop there add another layer by adding an accessory such as statement or simple necklaces, rings, earrings, scarf or hat. Layers are fun and but like the great Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”
4. Buy for Quality & Comfort 

white jeans look together Because we are starting with a system of simplicity, the quality of what you wear means everything! A simple outfit of a white T-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket is dope at it’s finest, you’re mixing classics with comfort which is always win but to really look badass, work to ensure that those classic pieces that you’re wearing over and over are of quality material. 

It doesn’t have to be stupid expensive for the white shirt can be brought from Target, but the jeans needs to be of good stretch of soft material and the leather needs to be real. With all your classics, whether its a black dress, white buttoned down, turtleneck, blazer or A-line dress, ensure that most of the materials are of natural fabrics than of synthetic to give it a quality or expensive look. 

Examples of natural fabrics are cotton, silk and wool. Synthetic fabrics are entirely from chemicals to create fabrics like polyester, rayon, acrylic, acetate, and many

Also, don’t invest too much money into fast fashion brands (Zara, Forever21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, etc…) these clothes while they’re affordable, trendy and cute just does not have the wherewithal to last a long time, that’s not their ministry.

Psychologically these brands want you to think you’re getting this great look for less but in actuality you’re not because it’s not made with quality materials, which means you’re going buy more to keep up with the ever-changing trends. What you should do instead is invest more money in clothing of high-quality materials for where you spend most of your time.

If you spend most of your time working your 9-5, then you should more of your money here to get those quality and comfortable pieces that can stand the test of time. One last thing to really hit this point home, incorporate the cost per wear method when shopping. To do this simply divide the cost of an item by the number of times you’ll wear it [$$cost / #of times worn]. When you start to do the math, this will help you justify the price and eventually make you feel comfortable buying high quality items. 

For example, I used to buy jeans from anywhere, I didn’t see the point in buying expensive jeans for I only cared about a price under $30 and the fit for my petite frame. But It wasn’t until I was gifted a pair of Paige jeans ($175-$222 from Nordstrom) that I finally got the hype! 

These jeans have saved my life for the past 3.5 years, the material is soft, the colors are still intact and the stretch still has that first time feel! My jeans including the black pair have not faded and still look like they did in 2016. I became a believer in luxury jeans and has invested in this brand. 

Now If you have a wardrobe capsule mentality like I do (or desire) and believe that less is more, you will be OK with spending more money for great quality only to have less in your closet. Does that make sense? This system will allow you to have clothes that you love that will stand the test of time!

I wear these jeans ( I have 4) every week, so the investment has made the cost per wear worth every cent. For proof, let’s do the math: $185/52 weeks= $3.55 cost per wear. So, it costs me $3.55 every time I wear a pair (cheaper than Starbucks) and it’s even cheaper now because I’ve worn these jeans every week for 3.5 years so it’s like $.50 per wear now! 
5. Match metal hardware 

This little attention of detail is a game changer to looking put together which has been personally approved by yours truly. When I say match your hardware that means match your gold or silver jewelry to every detail of your outfit from head to toe. In my case, as I’m typing this, I’m wearing a white turtle neck and high-waisted dark denim…simple. However, I have on gold earrings, black/gold ring, black leather belt with gold buckle and black leather boots with gold buttons.

Don’t forget to match your accessories to the metals on your coat, the chain on your purse or the zippers on your clothes or boots. The same can be done with silver or colored stones. It’s a little big thing that you will think as simple yet the detailing in matching the hardware will have people thinking, she’s very well put together.  

Style with Intention Lovelies! 
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