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Hi Lovelies,

Let’s face it there are tons of jobs we as women or moms do every day of that we simply don’t want to do so we delegate someone else to do it.  We hire nannies, daycare teacher, tutors, housekeepers, hair stylists, nail artists, makeup artists, lash/brow artists, car detailing, landscapers, mechanics, etc… to simply make our lives easier!  With that said, personal styling is a service that is no different than those mentioned.  The professionals in this field are providing a service that you as the client desires but don’t have the skill set or time to do so.   So instead of getting wrong it, or wasting time you pay someone to do it.  It’s that simple!

Some look at personal styling as an exclusive service but that’s simply not true.  I think you may believe that because it’s not as popular or accessible to regular people like a hair stylist.  But having a personal stylist isn’t just for celebrities or rich people.  We’re not just for celebrities you too can delegate the shopping stress to someone else…now if that’s exclusive luxury then so be it!

You may be wondering how people in personal services charge.  To most consumers you may believe that people in this industry charge a lot of money…that’s debatable. But to break it down, when you pay for a service you are paying for time, equipment and experience.  WHAT?? Yes ma’am.  For example, with stylists, it takes a lot of time, strategic thinking, energy, planning and organization to go around the city or surf the web for head to toe looks.  Keep in mind, she is spending your money so the pressure to deliver and to please you is very high and shouldn’t be taken lightly, so it’s a stressful job.

So, if you’re ready to be taken care of here are some tips when selecting a stylist:

  1. Save your money-especially if you want a full makeover!! You are responsible for paying for the merchandise + the stylist’s rate.   Most stylists’ rates depend on their experience which can be $20-$300/hr.
  2. Research their work- check out her social media and websites to view if it’ll be a good fit.  Most stylist have an ideal client that she will market to.   So, if you are a career woman looking for a professional upgrade  then you should not book a stylist who styles men or red carpet looks.
  3. Schedule a consultation/interview- if she offers this for free take the opportunity to ask you’re your questions such as price, the process, state your expectations and goals.  Have a goal!


In Style,