Welcome back lovelies!

So earlier in the month of July I hosted my first style workshop and I must say it was a success with great crowd participation!  Shout out and special thanks to all who supported.  At the workshop, I was able to provide education on shopping, personal styling, tips on finding styling inspiration, the importance of sending the right style message, closet cleaning, how to find your personal style and for fun a mini-fashion show to exhibit different wardrobe styles on pre-selected women.  I’ll share pictures once I receive it!!  I really wanted the women to see what different wardrobe styles such as classic, dramatic and romantic styles look like for inspiration purposes.  In addition, I handed out a fun and easy personality quiz to help them determine their style for work and play.  For I believe Your personality is often a strong indicator of your fashion persona.  For example, a timid, soft-spoken personality usually gravitates towards delicate, romantic pieces. An adventurous and relaxed woman would most likely dress casual and sportier, and a more assertive, opinionated personality may be comfortable in bold, striking yet sophisticated pieces.

So below I want to share with the same quiz I handed out and what I may use in consulting.  So if you’re struggling with shopping because you haven’t figured out what you like or SCARED (Stop wasting time honey!) or you need style confirmation, take a moment to take this quiz to discover how your personality coincides with your style.  You may be surprised!  Perhaps you’re more daring than you think and if you find a new style or two, be inspired to find outfits that actually match your personality!    After doing the quiz I found that I have a dramatic style, which matches my dramatic personality!! Lol!  In doing the quiz I realized that I liked the romantic style as well and want to incorporate some of those pieces.

Now some women in the class were looking for a new style for they had plans to switch it up, which is great!  However, the quiz is structured to figure out how you can you mesh Your current personality with your wardrobe not where you want to be in the future…  Simply select the answers based on your personality not your style goals.  Remember to be true to yourself, if you have a creative personality but have goals to be CEO of a company you certainly can incorporate your personality in a business suit (if that will be culture) by still adding your flair with a bold colored shirt or a sparkling brooch.

So Lets go!!  select the best answer based on your personality not your style goals

Question 1.

Select one that fits closely to your personality.

A.)  Well-groomed, Sophisticated, Organized 

B.) Trendsetter, Spontaneous, Confident

C.) Independent, Self-assured, Direct

D.) Warm & Friendly, Relaxed, Dependable

E.) Hopeless romantic, Empathetic, Sensitive

F.) Unconventional, Laid-back, Creative


Question 2.

Accessories adds interest and character, which are strong indicators of your inner fashion persona.

What type of accessories do you have mostly in your wardrobe?


Question 3.

Imagine you won a gift card from a work raffle to put together your dream outfit. 

Which is closest to what you would choose for your dream outfit


Question 4.

Girl, It’s time to update your shoe closet (My favorite thing to do!) and you head to your favorite store. 

Which type of shoes would has your attention?



Question 5.

Where you shop is another strong indicator of your dominant fashion persona. 

So you win a shopping spree, where are you shopping?!                        



Question 6.

They say that your favorite colors tell what kind of person you are, and in this case, it could be tied in to your coloring and what colors look good on you. 

What are your favorite colors?



Question 7.

Black pumps are a staple in every woman’s closet. 

What’s YOUR interpretation of the black pump?



Question 6.

The inspiration we get for our outfits are usually from outside influences such as magazines, celebs, TV and social media.

Which celebrity fashionistas would you say are you inspired by in terms of style?





a. Victoria Beckham, Coco Chanel, Michelle Obama, Angela Bassett, Anne Hathaway b. Beyonce, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington c. Dita von Teese, Charlize Theron, Kim Kardashian, Anna Wintour, Catherine Zeta-Jones


d. Jennifer Aniston, Giselle Bunchen, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock,
e. Eva Mendes, Emma Watson, Naomi Watts, Rachel McAdams
f. Solange, Zoe Kravitz, June Ambrose, Michelle Williams, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe

Calculate Your Answers

Now count how many A’s, B’s and so on you selected from each question.

If the result is a tie; or if you’ve scored highest on several questions – then look at these as your accent styles.

Mostly A’s = Classic Mostly B’s = Trendy Mostly C’s = Dramatic
Mostly D’s = Natural Mostly E’s = Romantic Mostly F’s = Creative


Quiz provided by thechicfashionista.com