Hi Lovelies,

I’m in the middle of reading a book called Women in Clothes which is a collection of interviews, conversations, surveys, projects and drawings from over six hundred contributors (eek!) – who explore the wide range of motives that inform how women present themselves through clothes, and what style really means.  I really enjoyed the authors’ goal to write a book not about what has already been written like what to wear, how to look successful or who to look like but more of a real perspective and philosophy of how style fits into everyday women lives.  There are stories on stories (some relatable but too many if you ask me) about how we feel about clothes, shopping, what style  rules do we live by, when borrowing clothes from friends, how did our moms shape our style, self esteem, international style and cultural customs influence, etc…  To be honest, even though I’m listening to the book to hear what the women think, I don’t think I’ll finish because it’s just entirely too long and there’s not enough Women of Color (WOC) voices.  But it’s Cute! It’s a good coffee table book with the pictures, surveys and interviews that can be used for great conversations with your girls during wine down or brunch.  So I particularly enjoyed the survey content and want to unpack some things I found interesting in this blog that I’ve never thought about like…

Can you say a bit about how your mother’s body and style has been passed down to you, or not?

My mother’s style was traditional and classic.  When she was younger I always thought my mom dressed older than she was…don’t kill me mom lol!   She was just a pants girl and only wore dresses to church because she was insecure about her thin legs (which she passed down to me lol).  My mother worked in a clothing factory so jeans and a tshirt was her weekday “uniform”, so I got it.  Fast forward to present day,  my mom still has a casual work uniform, but there have been great improvements in her personaI life that I see have been reflected in her wardrobe.  I like my mom’s style now (2 points for me!) for I see that she has incorporated more dresses, jumpsuits, heels and colors into her wardrobe.  I feel now that all the kids are out of the house, she let go of dead weight, she’s confident, more into self-care that she really has more time to do HER!! AND I LOVE IT!  But with all this “Stella free time” my mom has a shopping problem lol! My mom goes to JcPenney’s at least 1-2 times a week…I call she’s there lol!   But she has taught me that classic never goes out of style and you can never have enough black slacks. 

What do you notice women about women on the street?

I notice eclectic women with unconventional styles like vintage or trendy.  I like to see Women who are well dressed, especially those who are my age and older who embody confidence, power and bad assry!  Hats like fedoras always grab my attention!  I think these women grab my attention because they are walking to the sound of their own beat.

Have you stolen, borrowed or adapted any dressing ideas or actual items from friends or family?

Yes, my grandmother Roxie’s style for sure I’m going to steal years from now!  My grandmother loved colors, her favorite was blue but she was not afraid to showcase her fearlessness of a bright suit and shoes to match on Sunday morning.  She was a hat lady too and while I don’t think I look good in hats, I hope to be able to have the confidence and stride to make it look good in honor of my grandmother…because I have to darling.  Women age so beautifully and when you have good credit, kids are gone, house, car paid for and retired you do not have an excuse like these young girls…You must look good!

My best friend Ashlee has a curvy body that she likes to accentuate in a romantic style, with flowy, floral, ruffly dresses that highlight femininity and beauty.  I’ve known her style for over 15 years and I’ve seen how she added the romantic element to her wardrobe.  I on the other hand have been stuck in dramatic, classic and creative styles…but in working with her and seeing her evolve, has inspired me to shop more for soft and feminine pieces.  I mentioned this before but my goal is to have a wardrobe like a store with outfits for each style type.