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Hello lovelies,

My name is Erica Crawley of Roxiebstylin personal services. In this first post, I’ll tell you a little bit about me, I’ve been a resident of the DC area aka the DMV for over 10 years. I was brought to the area from Newport News, VA to attend Howard University. After graduation, I’ve been working in the grants management field and have worked for nonprofit orgs to the federal government to currently my alma mater. I somewhat enjoy my 9-5 but like most people, I’m not satisfied working to fulfill someone else’s goals and dreams while putting mines on hold. I truly believe that if you want to do something then plan and take action to do it. Owning or doing something that is your passion is the most gratifying but hardest decision and work you’ll ever do (besides rearing children lol) but it’s sooo worth the effort. Who wants to live in a world where your job is not your own for it can be taken away at the snap of a finger. Some people find solace in working for someone for they feel it provides security. No, it doesn’t for your company could fold, you could screw up an assignment or simply be tardy and be terminated…which was my experience and why I was fired from one job lol! I digress…so if you haven’t figured it out, I don’t like working for people. I’m a loving, team player, sweet, hardworking person to work with but I know I have the leadership capabilities and the mentality to succeed on my own!

Ok, so why did I start Roxiebstylin? Simply because I have a passion and talent for styling women and men for their daily lives, weddings and photoshoots. My services include 1on1 shopping, closet audit and virtual shopping; in my next post, I’ll go into more detail about each service. I began my business as a hobby of course with a name that honors my grandmother, who was the fanciest, classiest, stylish woman that I know, loved and admired. My grandmother’s maiden name is Roxie Bailey, hence Roxieb and if she were here with me today, I know she would be my biggest supporter. Love and miss you grandma!! After years of playing with styling for friends and photoshoots, I felt unfilled because I didn’t know how to it so I would dip in and out of it and try different business ideas. But the other ideas would not stick, I would try them then put it down but styling never went away. I believe the reason why other ideas didn’t work because it wasn’t organic, I was just doing it because I was motivated by money and I was talked into once working for someone’s goals. In the last quarter of 2017, I made the decision to stop mistreating and playing around with my talent and to really make this a profitable business. So, I did the work! I enrolled in the School of Style personal style certification and it has been a Blessing! I now have the motivation (which is half the battle) and tools to really do this full time in the future.

My goal: In my blogs I hope to inspire, entertain and share with you all things regarding style, fashion, beauty and practical living. I have a passion for learning, evolving and trying new things and I invite along on my journey.