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So after 9 or 10 months of pregnancy, and a hard labor your bundle of joy has arrived!! As a mother of 2 year old (who is still breastfeeding at night…uh yeah lol!), I know the joys of a new baby, the sleepless nights, the pumping at 3 am because after pumping three times at work, its still not enough all while working a 9-5. The last thing you worry about is your style, you just want to put on something that is clean and fits. I definitely give mothers to infants a pass and not judge them during that first year because it’s difficult to manage everything even with support from home. So what do you do? Well we have to implement (FORCE!) time for ourselves and to remember the most important thing about this transition…the kid came into your life and must adjust and not the other way. Of course, for a couple of weeks or months it may feel like the other way around but you have to work to turn it around. That’s why the experts say put the baby on a sleep and feeding schedule. While I thought that was just for the baby, it’s also for YOU put your needs in consideration during those gaps of times. Now we know they say during those baby naps you should sleep, bathe, clean, eat…you know the basics but lets amp that up to online shopping, paint your nails, give a quick pedi or if you’re lucky enough actually go do those with a frap!!  Yep I said it!  It’s ok to be a lil selfish sometimes.  And just like I mentioned in my previous blog, about delegating tasks to other people…The same applies to maintaining your style. You don’t have time or the luxury to just pick up and go shopping for hours like you used to, unless your baby is perfect in public, so outsource that job to a personal stylist…ME Duh!!! Just kidding…a little.  No, I’m not going to push down your throats to hiring a stylist for my benefit because I’m not that person, so if you want to get back to your style or try something new then give the following a try on your own:


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YEP THAT’S ME WITH MY BIG BABY (FEBRUARY 5, 2016) AT 2 WEEKS OLD YES 2 WEEKS!!!! This moo moo/housecoat whatever was a life saver when nursing and it was comfortable, best gift my mama ever gave me! lol! #babywasunderonesonojudgementremember?

Look for inspiration- Style inspiration is EVERYWHERE! It’s at the job, on the train, on your favorite celebrity, in magazines, at church at the grocery store, at the mall! Listen, try the look of that girl you follow on IG…even if its her a shirt or accessory. Listen, you’ve like all her pictures and you’ve probably saved some too. So instead of just looking and a wishin, try it for yourself!

  • Categorize your style- I usually hate labelling everything and putting things into boxes unless it’s cleaning of course but when it comes to style I say kick down the walls. But for beginners who are discovering their style it’s very necessary to name it for yourself to build on as a foundation. So here are the 6 major styles: modern chic, bohemian, classic, feminine, casual and vintage. The styles are pretty self explanatory but I will go into these styles in details on future blogs. Now I have all of these styles in my closet and love them but my foundation is modern chic for sure especially at work.
  • Figure out what you like- Use not only your IG WCW but put together different ideas using the popular Pinterest app. Use it as your personal lookbook, put together work, date and causal looks. Really have fun with it!!
  • Evaluate your closet- This is a good one! You need to go through your closet for it’s the foundation of your style. Find out who you really are by looking at your clothes, if some items don’t fit the new you (literally and figuratively) then dumb them. You should also put together new outfits from your wardrobe. After you’ve chosen or seen a look you like, see if you have those items in your closet to pair. For example, mixing polka dots and stripes or dots and plaid are so cute and bold. Be daring and pair those two that you never thought would work together and rock them to the office with some heels!! Everybody would be like whaatttt?!?!


In Style,