Hi Lovelies,

I was on TV!!  Around Memorial Day I was asked to be interviewed for a local TV show called Potomac View.  The mission of Potomac View TV Show hosted by Ashla Hill Roseboro, is to educate viewers on cultural topics and services available in Northern Virginia communities through utilizing television broadcasting to give voice to individuals, groups and organizations that typically would not receive mainstream media coverage.


So This was my first television appearance, while I was a little nervous during pre-taping the butterflies went away fast during the actual live taping which was one and done lol!  Luckily the host and atmosphere were very nice and calm which made be feel comfortable.   In a nutshell I had a lot of fun and hope to do more videos and television in the future.  However ya’ll, while I thought I was prepared I learned it’s a different story when production yells ACTION!  Sooo many things I didn’t elaborate on or answers I forgot… and my classic facial expressions lol…but oh well it’ll only get better from here!

Any who take a look and let me know what you think below!!

Thank you for your support!!

In Style,