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Being a mother hits the self-esteem differently for lot of women, some mothers are really proud of the changes that occur, while some are deeply ashamed and sad.  It’s safe to say that those problems are extremely rooted deep within the souls of mothers, so in that respect we need to show compassion…and if that’s you need to also find compassion for yourself during this process. When you’re struggling from low self esteem, getting mental help by way of a therapist is the first place to start.  The second thing to do is to celebrate not hide your new body, so we begin with a wardrobe change. 


So what does that look like, listen you’re a new mom, with a new mindset, a new body, new responsibilities, so you’re in this new space of self discovery.  While in this space it’s important to focus on being comfortable within the limits of your safe space for you and the baby, that is the goal. Comfort, no matter how many times this has already been stated, always reigns supreme when it comes to clothing and shoes, and this is exceptional especially for new moms.

The post-partum body of a mother is most importantly, transitional. The mother is no longer pregnant, but still not yet her old self, and it’s important to feel comfortable about the process of change too.  

In closing, believe you are ok and follow these quick style tips: take care of your mental space, shop for comfortable items to get dressed and schedule your outfits to get dressed everyday (it’s a real mood changer!).  Invest in 3rd layers such as cardigans, denim jackets, vests, chunky long cardigans, shawls, wraps, ponchos, blazers, kaftan, etc… All you simply need to do is wear this with a simple tank or shirt, high waisted jeans or good quality body hugging leggings! I know you may not look like the old you but with your new blessing, understand you are a better you and that right there should excite and motivate you to be the best version of yourself!

If you’re a new mom, hell an old one still struggling with the motivation to dress yourself, feel free to reach out for help. On my next blog, I’ll be giving you more style tips and places where you can shop for comfortable clothing.