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Self care is just what it is taking care of Self.

When you think of self care, what activities do you think of?  Generally we think of manicures, massages, pedicures, girls trip, time alone, cooking a good meal, journal writing, therapy, masturbationEyes on Apple iOS 10.0  etc… While all of these are great and essential to the soul I want to insert style therapy into the mix because I think some women overlook its importance or confused of the concept.  Some of you may think you know what I’m talking about or dive into somewhat similar called retail therapy but the two are not the same.

Style therapy in my opinion is styling and shopping with a purpose.  Now we’ve all engaged in  retail therapy when we’re  filled with high emotions of extreme happiness like a new job, a big pay day or a big date or on the flip side, extreme sadness, job termination or a breakup.  I’m not against retail therapy in a celebratory fashion because we’re human and sometimes we wanna just blow money!

But shopping without on elevated emotions or to keep up with Instagram highlight reels is bound to get you in trouble with your credit card or self esteem…it’s just not worth it.  So I want to encourage you to shop with a purpose which is therapeutic, fun and responsible!

Being fully aware of your style and aligning it with Your purpose and goals is another benefit of style therapy.   Making sure the two align is imperative to motivating yourself to greatness and actually wearing your purpose can be just the game changer to pivot your trajectory.

You may want to be a manager, lawyer, entrepreneur, personal stylist or project lead, step one in becoming that is to dress the part!  You must embody all that comes with those responsibilities so You and others may recognize it as well.

So on your next shopping trip, buy clothes that make sense and speak to your future.  If you want to get ahead professionally, step up your game as it relates to buying more suits, items made of quality materials and age appropriate.

They say clothes make the woman and in this instance of therapy I believe there’s truth to that statement.  Being aware of yourself and fully expressing your emotions, creativity and goals is a form of therapy because you’re walking confidently into your future with the mindset and clothes that fit the part.

For the release of expressing yourself through your clothes is the boldest statement you can make without uttering a word and when done with purpose will be conveyed correctly which can bring great success professionally and hey maybe personally by just looking good walking down the street!

Now for some people I may be blowing hot air, or they’re saying style is not there thing, it’s not important…OK but I know I’m not alone in feeling more confident and prepared when I wear something that represents me and my future to the fullest.   I find happiness and validation in buying a pair of a shoes that speaks to modern style or a dress that represents my future of a full time entrepreneur.

I’m speaking my life into existence by wearing my purpose everyday, for it’s a daily reminder to take time to present my best self to attract those interested.  So stop being afraid of what others may say, live in your truth and your future!

In the black community, we are not given alot of privilege and opportunities, we deal with so much everyday that freedom of expression is sometimes all we have that’s our own and can’t be taken away from us.  You see it in the generations of today and yesterday how we flex our new outfits, how resourceful we are at making a thrift store shirt fly or simply making our own.

Shout out to Gordon Gartrelle!  We’re just dope and I love how black designers are UNapologetically bringing it to the forefront so support them please!

Lastly, Lovelies Take care of yourself and responsibly indulge in a little Style Therapy from time to time for the future is right around the corner.  #Dressforthefuture

The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes. - Benjamin Disraeli

In Style,