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Hi Lovelies!

Welcome back to my site.  Today I’m going to tell you about the closet audit, a service I recommend first before shopping especially if you’re a closet hoarder with no space for new clothes or need a rejuvenated fresh start.  It’s good to do a closet audit or cleanse if you’ve just move, newly single, sharing a closet with your partner or roommate or downsizing.  The closet audit is also great for women who have unorganized messy closets, for those who say they have nothing to wear or those who find it difficult to put together looks or to simply find their favorite pair of jeans.  Now I’m not saying your closet should be perfect for nothing really is but having an average organized closet is imperative to helping you dress in an efficient matter.  When you have kids or just in a rush, this will be an incredible service for you because we simply do not have time to waste in our busy lives!

To begin we will have a phone consultation, where we will discuss your closet goals.  We set the appointment then I will come to view your show room!  During the audit, tough love comes to play where we discuss each article of clothing and shoe to decide if the item should be kept, thrown away or donated.  After about 2 hours you will have a more organized closet, if more time is needed or if you would like me to put together a couple of work, play or date looks then that could be added on.  All clothing that needs to be thrown or donated will be taken care by yours truly.

Let me leave you with this, coming into someone’s home is personal and then into their closet which is very intimate.  With that said, telling someone what to do with their clothes, even with all good intentions can be still be intimidating.  Feelings of anxiety are normal so is questioning will I be judged?  Listen, I’m a kind, great listener, level headed, fair, not pushy in the least (no car salesperson vibes from me), vibrant professional who can give you the truth with humor and honesty.  I will be honest but not mean or judgmental, for it’s my job to nudge you, to disrupt your mess but at the end of the day it’s your decision.  If you want to keep something you can for no one will die if you want to keep that old sweater!  You like it I love it is one of my mottos!  But at the same, you hired me to serve you in this capacity…so let me do it for you lovely.

Just breathe, relax and turn the music! ?

p.s. I organize existing closets not build them ?


In Style,