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Now where did I leave off?  Oh yes how to look good for the Summer!!  In my last blog I said to look better you need to do the following: radiate confidence, clean your closet, find inspiration and try something new.  I didn’t want to talk about which items to wear, I wanted to go deeper to inspire you to find your style within before putting on extra “baggage”.  Now let’s continue because there’s more ways to look good honey.


*Enhance your best features*

Now this right here IS FOR ME!  My derriere, shoulders, toes and my legs (that’s a new one!) are my best features that I’ve grown to love and show them off.  Every woman regardless of size, shape or color has a favorite feature and what better way than to look better than to show what your mama gave you…or what you brought…no judgement!  I think we get caught up in our flaws and not in showing our positives.  As women it comes so easily to say we have a big gut or small breasts instead of showing off our killer legs! Why is that?!  It’s so annoying when I hear women talking down on themselves so I interject and point out but you have a nice booty though so stop it! (Do the same thing for other women!)  I’ve definitely had to work on not bringing up my imperfections but instead work on the flaws I SEE -which is crazy because nobody ever sees what you see right? Lol!  Plus if you don’t like something come up with a solution instead of dragging yourself because it’s not attractive.  Ask anyone! Especially men they’ll tell you!  So take a good look at yourself every morning and find that sweet spot that you want to show off.

Showing off your best assets is not only an instant confidence booster especially when you look back at it but it attracts good energy in the forms of assurance and compliments which is just the cherry on the top.  And if you don’t get any compliments don’t sweat it for the self confidence is better!


*Be comfortable*

Be comfortable in the skin you’re in or literally comfortable.  Not everyone is into stiletto heels or midriff shirts… I’ve come down from 5 inch heels to 3-4 and I’ve never been into showing my midsection because it’s never been flat flat to show.  So I improvise!  Simply put I look cute and comfortable in my lane in what I can pull off!  I don’t live or dress for what is not my true essence.  There are so many people giving us tips and tricks about style that can be overwhelming in this loud world.  I’m not here to do that.  If you can’t walk in skinny heels, then don’t walk in skinny heels.  Get a wedge or thicker heel as an alternative or a stylish flat heel and keep it moving!

Hey Remember bandage dresses??  They were everywhere!  Every celebrity and regular chick with a flat tummy and big booty were wearing them…and it was worn by some women who didn’t have either.  But I didn’t get caught up in the hype because I do not have a JLO body.  So don’t get caught up in the hype!   I stated earlier that I like to show my booty and legs but I don’t have a flat tummy.  So I would get a short dress that had more stretch in it, different material or looser to still show off my best features.  Also I don’t wear heels to work that much because I want to be comfortable, so I work to make sure my flat game is good -not going lie I still need more options lol!

Now let me talk to those who vow to choose lazy over style and try to pass it off as comfortable.  No ma’am we see what you trying do and it’s not working lol!  Going out to family and social events while always in sweats and leggings without working out is not the move.  But there’s room for improvement lovelies!  So right now mentally strip down, find your best feature and embody this new message…  I WANT TO LOOK GOOD every time I step out!   Remember people judge, you are a brand whether you’re selling something or not, and most importantly do not look like what you’re going THROUGH but rather where you’re going TO!!! owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

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*Style friend/Ask for help*

I believe Every girl has that one friend whose style is always on point!  You either vocally tell her how dope she is, how you wish you had her style or complain about how bad you dress…but have you ever asked her to help you? No? Why not?  Listen, FRIENDS HELP FRIENDS LOOK GOOD!!  Don’t continue to struggle or be ashamed to ask for help.  Shopping with friends can be fun, inspiring and educational so put all your perceived notions to the side, get out of your head and ask for help from people you trust.  And to those friends who know they gotta got it going on… help your friend…be gentle with it…its your job…it’s girl code!

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